We stock and supply a wide range of wires and cables to various standards including DEF-STANs and MIL-SPECs.
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High performance equipment wire and cable
These can also be supplied in multiconductor and screened versions.
Spec44 dual wall insulation -65 to 150degC
Spec55 high performance insulation from -65 to 200degC RG Coaxial cables
Spec99M low hazard insulation for up to 125degC
Type100G halogen free insulation to VG95218-20
PTFE from -50 to 200degC to BS3G210
Kapton up to 200degC to PAN6423 click here to email us for more info
Efglas combi insulation click here to email us for more info

RG coaxial cables and high performance replacements
We stock a range of RG type cables including RG 142, 178, 179, 180, 188, 316 and 400 but also have alternative cables from the Raychem range
Alternatives to twinax cables
Also check the one piece BNC/.TNC connectors for coaxial cable in technical reference below.

Multicore custom cables
These can be built from above components with special cable jackets to specifications such as DEF-STAN 61-12 Pt31 or to your own design.
click here to email us for more info
Types of cable jacket
Send us your requirement click here to email us for more info

Power cables
These are available in a number of formats

Screening Braid
Two types are available

Thermocouple extension cables
Thermocouple extension cables

Technical reference data
BNC/TNC connectors -one piece-for coaxial cables
Screening performance
Conductor sizes,stranding,and resistance values
Cabling Chart for same size wires and cables
Defence Standards web link
Mil Specs web link

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