These are used mainly to provide sealing and strain relief at connector terminations and at transitions in cable harnesses.They are supplied in a number of different materials.

A few of the more widely used parts are featured below but for more information or for a specific application e-mail usclick here to email us for more info
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 Connector straight boots
202A111-196 straight boot
202C611-663 flexible convoluted Uniboot
202D921-963 straight lipped high ratio boot
202K121-185 standard straight boot with lip and lanyard fixing

 Connector right angled boots
222A111-196 right angled boot
222D921-963 right angled high ratio boot
222K121-185 right angled lipped boot with lanyard fixing

 Transition Parts
301A011-048 T transition
362A014-114 30 degree side breakout
382A012-046 Y transition
462A011-060 transition one to three cables
562A011-067 transition one to four cables

Specifications for the more widely used materials are listed below but please e-mail us for complete list click here to email us for more info
-3 semi rigid polymer
-25 fluid resistant modified elastomer
-100 low fire hazard material

Adhesives compatible with harnessing material are available either pre-coated to the moulded parts or in various types of dispensers,tapes and packs.
Adhesives/sealants selection chart
Adhesives/sealants characteristics

Application equipment
General purpose heat gun HL 1802E
Heavy duty heat gun

Technical reference
Defence Standards web link
Mil Specs web link