Simpson Donald Co stock and supply a range of tubular and flat identification products to mark wire, cable etc. Where complex identification is required this can be supplied as a computer based system or as a custom print service. For simple marking the markers can be supplied individually to make up the ident.
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Computer printable materials for complex idents
ReadyPrint is a commercial heat shrinkable tubular material
TMS-SCE is a material for aerospace and military environments
HT-SCE is a high temperature permanent mark material
CM-SCE is a tie on marker,also available in high temp form
D-SCE has special resistance to organic fluids, oils
ZH-SCE has excellent fire safety, low smoke and acid gas emissions
MultiMark can be used for post termination identification
LM- 2020 is a portable printing system

Custom marking
All material above can be custom printed
Permark is a custom printed stainless steel ident

Individual idents-push on
G type markers are halogen free
Z type markers are general purpose, fitting wide size range
O type markers are thin PVC tubular markers to BS3858

Individual idents-clip on for post termination identification
E type markers

RayMark is a computer printable high performance label
RayMark A4
RayMark 6
Self laminating labels for inexpensive identification

Application Equipment
HL-1802E General purpose heat gun
CV-1981,CV-1983 Heavy duty heat gun
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Technical reference data
Defence Standards web link
Mil Specs web link